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Thread: 500 Internal Server Error

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    500 Internal Server Error


    I uploaded my website on a web hosting and after uploading it's displaying the error message 500 Internal Server Error. On my computer running windows xp and ii2 the pages are working and the ms access database. This is the portion of the asp code:

    <!--#include file="Connections/smbd_connection.asp" -->
    Dim Recordset1
    Dim Recordset1_numRows

    Set Recordset1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
    Recordset1.ActiveConnection = MM_smbd_connection_STRING
    Recordset1.Source = "SELECT * FROM d001 WHERE category = 'Dog Accessories' ORDER BY brand"
    Recordset1.CursorType = 0
    Recordset1.CursorLocation = 2
    Recordset1.LockType = 1

    Recordset1_numRows = 0
    Dim Repeat1__numRows
    Dim Repeat1__index

    Repeat1__numRows = 10
    Repeat1__index = 0
    Recordset1_numRows = Recordset1_numRows + Repeat1__numRows



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    If you switch off the 'friendly' error messages you may see which line the error is on which will help you debug - see this link: How do I fix "Internal Server Error 500" when running my ASP pages?

    My guess on the error is probably caused when connecting to the Access database. Either the path or your permissions.


    Software matters - Bespoke Access Database Design and Development

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