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Thread: Format Date Returned from MS SQL

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    Format Date Returned from MS SQL

    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to format a date value on my ASP pages, returned from MS SQL. One of my SQL field(status_dt), has a datatype of “datetime.” I created an ASP page to pull in this date, and it is displayed in the format of mm/dd/yyyy. However, how can I have it displayed as, November, 2012?

    I found an ASP function(DateTime.Now.ToString("Y")) that does this, but as you can see, it is using the current’s system date. I tried plugging my Status_Dt field into the code, but apparently it is not working. Please help!

    I tried this with my field, but no luck.
    <%response.write DateTime.rstemp("status_dt").ToString("Y")%>

    Thank you.

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    VBScript Functions

    d= rstemp("status_dt")
    d= CDate(d)
    response.write monthname(month(d)) & ", " & year(d) & "<br>"
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    Great! this works! thank you so much!


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