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Thread: Problem with For loop in VBScript

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    Exclamation Problem with For loop in VBScript

    Hi all,

    I have a code that checks for following logic in VBScript

    One array holds the Index number of which should not be displayed in page.

    The Second Array is a general Array with few data.

    Now I want to display only those elements that are not having the Index sepcified in first array.

    for eg:- if one array has 2,3,6,8 as prohibited indexes, the the second array should display data at indexes 1,4,5,7,9... I have formulated the logic as follows but I observe the first loop variable 'ki' takes the upperbound of array.i.e it executes only the first statement in loop and then it executes the remaining by looping in, I am lost by this weird behaviour. Can Anyone solve this issue or justify this? I have posted the code for your reference...

    for ki=0 to UBound(elec_course_grade)
    if(elec_course_grade(ki)<>"") then
    for j=0 to UBound(core_courseIndex)
    if(core_courseIndex(j)<>"") then
    Response.write "comparing.."&core_courseindex(j)&" and "&ki&"<br>"
    if(core_courseIndex(j)=ki) then
    Response.write " Match found in array"&core_courseIndex(j)&" value of ki="&ki&"<br>"
    Response.write "Not Equal"&"<br>"
    end if
    end if
    end if

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    I think line '
    if(core_courseIndex(j)=ki) then

    should be

    if(core_courseIndex(j)=elec_course_grade(ki)) then
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