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Thread: Select Case question

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    Jackie W is offline Contributing User
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    Select Case question

    Just a quick question from a relative newbie.

    Is there a way to write this Case Select dynamically?

    Calls1 = 0
    Calls2 = 0
    Calls3 = 0
    While not rs.eof
    		If Rs("Representative") = "Jo Bonner" Then   
    		Calls1 = (Calls1 + rs("Calls"))
    End if
    		If Rs("Representative") = "Martha Roby" Then   
    		Calls2 = (Calls2 + rs("Calls"))
    End if
    		If Rs("Representative") = "Mike Rogers" Then   
    		Calls3 = (Calls3 + rs("Calls"))
    End if
    With this in the spot to view the call totals.
    <% = Calls1 %>
    <% = Calls2 %>
    <% = Calls3 %>
    I am writing a page that lists a total for all telephone calls to all 435 US state. I don't want to have to write this case select 435 times...but I'm just new enough at this that I'm not sure how to do it dynamically.

    I thought about:

    If Rs(“Representative”) = “ ' " & request("Representative") & " ' ” Then   
    		Calls = (Calls + rs("Calls"))
    End if
    But, that doesn't work. I think I'm close, but not really sure. Does anyone feel up to teaching a little today?

    Thanks in advance

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    BLarche is offline Contributing User
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    Why not do you calculations in your SQL statement?

    SELECT COUNT(Calls) As NumCalls FROM MyTable
    You can then loop through your SELECT and write out the number of calls for each person.
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