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December 17th, 2013 01:44 PM
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October 10th, 2006
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Thread Date Given To Points Comment
Automatically Create Links in text June 2nd, 200912:09 PM sync_or_swim 3 No Comment Made
Need help with DISTINCT query April 19th, 200709:31 AM asc11 4 Perfect, thanks a lot!!
JMail Problem December 2nd, 200612:20 PM sam_sam 2 Debugging is crucial to finding out what is going on
Image Verification before submitting form October 31st, 200601:34 PM mehere 2 Thanks very much, that is exactly what i am looking for
How to strip the time from Now() October 27th, 200612:59 PM richyrich 0 How the hell do they come up with these function names :P
Not listing data corectly in table... October 27th, 200612:48 PM user101 1 Good call. Without using OrderBy you are letting the DBMS control how it orders the data, which invariably will be not what you want.
Subtracting in an ASP Page October 27th, 200608:02 AM degsy 0 How dare you reply whilst im typing!!! :P :P jokes
Open multiple mysql statements October 23rd, 200603:53 PM chapman10s 0 YAY!! :P
Printing web page October 23rd, 200603:42 PM chapman10s 0 I think he is looking for the bgcolour to be applied via CSS as well
To put image instead of data from database October 23rd, 200603:30 PM chapman10s 1 Select Case is definately easier on the eye than multiple if/elses

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Thread Date Posted By Points Comment
ASP Class Accessor functions not working August 2nd, 201005:53 AM micky 100 Thanx for sharing the solution
For Loop not returning values October 28th, 200605:21 AM micky 70 No Comment Made
Drop Down Help -- Object Expected Error October 27th, 200607:01 PM chapman10s 15 That was it..... thank you very much!!!
Output Colums vs Rows October 27th, 200604:25 PM user101 4 well done
Drop Down Help -- Object Expected Error October 27th, 200602:27 PM elijathegold 61 How dare you post while I am typing
Help with [edit] & [delete] href for database list October 27th, 200601:21 PM jbruso 0 Thanks for your help Bada!
For Loop not returning values October 27th, 200605:05 AM degsy 0 Maybe you should leave it upto the user if they want to add to your reputation
For Loop not returning values October 26th, 200604:11 PM jbruso 3 No Comment Made
Dreamweaver asp error October 23rd, 200610:02 AM Shadow Wizard 75 congrats for your 50th post which brought you your Reputation Power!
To put image instead of data from database October 22nd, 200606:52 PM fakin 0 No Comment Made

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