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About BLarche
Indianapolis, USA


"You'll never be as perfect as BLaaaaaaaaarche."


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April 12th, 2013 07:57 AM
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January 11th, 2007
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Thread Date Given To Points Comment
Calculations with textfields June 16th, 201109:48 AM bigmike1212 694 No Comment Made
Rogue single white space in my email form. Very strange! March 31st, 201011:45 AM Shadow Wizard 693 No Comment Made
If an email exist disregard June 25th, 200901:19 PM mehere 692 No Comment Made
Querying database throws an error?! February 9th, 200910:02 AM Shadow Wizard 647 Too funny.
Fremont, ca based vb/ techie to work with me as a founder February 8th, 200911:01 PM rahulpan -323 No Comment Made
Delete from database if checkbox is checked February 2nd, 200907:19 AM mystic7 0 You hear of the weekend?? Wait your turn.
Sorting by date then time January 31st, 200907:36 AM bigmike1212 626 No Comment Made
Multiple delete statements January 28th, 200908:28 AM sync_or_swim 608 No Comment Made
One more weird error - ASP error '80020009' November 30th, 200803:57 PM Macai -300 This is an ASP board, not PHP. If you would like to help out in the PHP forum, go ahead.
First Post ASP For Next Loop November 18th, 200807:47 AM Shadow Wizard 584 Sadly, I never knew that. Thanks for the tip, Shadow!

Latest Reputation Received - 68689 point(s) total

Thread Date Posted By Points Comment
Changing Font color based on Cell value March 30th, 201010:05 AM loy_ramos 1 Thanks!It worked..
Ordered Paging of Recordset August 9th, 200903:26 PM ryzerman 1 great help. thanks
"save as draft option" June 26th, 200906:56 AM phoenix1986 20 thanks...
Help constructing a link June 25th, 200909:32 AM mehere 1000 good one.
Updating customers password April 9th, 200904:47 AM sync_or_swim 1427 No Comment Made
For next loop with asp math code April 7th, 200905:47 PM phoenixaz 4 Just what I was looking for!
SUM SQL recordset column? April 1st, 200902:30 AM micky 1989 No Comment Made
Insert (or Update) data after page loads February 11th, 200911:09 AM mystic7 82 Points for you. Thanks!
Sql Between February 9th, 200910:03 AM sync_or_swim 0 Beat me to it
How to list all items selected in shopping cart, in confirmation email February 5th, 200909:22 AM sync_or_swim 0 Sorry BLarche, I didnt see your reply when I posted, your example is more concise than mine

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