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.NET Software Developer
Reston, VA





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February 25th, 2014 10:20 AM
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February 14th, 2004
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30K celebration - avatar suggestion June 29th, 201010:01 AM bigmike1212 1861 lol
I Hate Php!!! March 5th, 200908:14 PM don94403 1623 true werds...
Check Whether Username alraedy exists in database February 23rd, 200905:00 PM Memnoch 1603 out-freaking-standing Memnoch...I think this should be in a blog somewhere
Getting the value back from dynamic textbox February 18th, 200907:27 PM sr_jay 1603 good eye
Disable delete key September 23rd, 200807:38 AM AOG123 1580 No Comment Made
Gotta go September 19th, 200810:23 PM Jcaputo 1580 take care
Regular expression September 7th, 200801:10 PM Nilpo 1580 No Comment Made
How can i use ASP tag in Response.Write August 20th, 200809:47 AM Wolffy 1576 well put
New Member needs help w/ Mr and Mrs August 4th, 200806:29 PM Wolffy 1576 No Comment Made
Cast from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid August 2nd, 200809:11 AM micky 1576 good job, micky

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Love ya!!! November 20th, 201209:50 PM jamespayne 10 Testing functionality...pardon me!
Hiding a column in a table based on a condition October 12th, 201209:14 AM jim_jim 3 Thank You
An MVP copied my article under his name February 22nd, 201110:17 PM new learner 502 No Comment Made
MVC - button/form submission? January 20th, 201103:23 PM fletchsod 12 No Comment Made
ASP.NET MVC - No App_Code directory? January 5th, 201102:33 AM micky 2572 No Comment Made
ASP.NET MVC - No App_Code directory? January 4th, 201105:01 PM fletchsod 10 No Comment Made
30K celebration - avatar suggestion June 29th, 201006:52 AM micky 2454 No Comment Made
Trouble returning value using function June 15th, 201005:58 AM Shadow Wizard 2636 No Comment Made
Trouble returning value using function June 14th, 201009:35 AM cooperljrh 0 and for this!!
Trouble returning value using function June 14th, 201009:23 AM cooperljrh 1 thanks for this!

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