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About June7
Engineering Tech (state gov)
The Great Land
snowboarding, sqaush, umpire


I like to know if my suggestion helped you. One way to let me know is by clicking star at bottom left corner of post.


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April 15th, 2014 07:01 PM
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April 24th, 2009
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Thread Date Given To Points Comment
How to Copy a Field and Paste in Another Table February 8th, 201105:59 PM djpratt 500 Very nice, you will go far djpratt!
Input Forms January 18th, 201107:53 PM don94403 0 Joining you on that soapbox! And applies to names for queries, forms, reports as well.
Lending Library Changes January 17th, 201101:48 PM don94403 495 Great description, searches for date conflicts can be tricky!
Configuring security in Access 2007 January 7th, 201104:23 PM alansidman 494 Just what I was driving at, excellent reference!
Access help December 11th, 201006:02 PM new learner 464 I like and OP seems to have worked out similar setup. Now just have to see if OP comes back with something for us to look at.
Filling fields to match a lookup field December 6th, 201012:15 PM RuralGuy 250 Now I have rationale for why I instinctively never liked lookup fields!
Concurrent users losing data November 12th, 201004:11 PM don94403 460 I have sooo much to learn about web design, especially re serving data!
Missing Macro October 13th, 201008:36 PM don94403 409 macros, icky!
Missing Macro October 13th, 201008:35 PM cpnazBill 409 Macros, ugh!
Invoicing from Access? August 16th, 201006:46 PM Abzddon 378 No Comment Made

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Thread Date Posted By Points Comment
Unable to Find Issue w/ Run Time Error August 29th, 201312:21 PM Vaulcul 0 As always your help is invaluable.
Retrieving crosstab column header without knowing the header name August 5th, 201312:24 PM Vaulcul 2 This (and other) answers from June7 have been incredibly helpful.
Turning off Control Wizards July 17th, 201302:52 AM Andrew Thorpe 0 Fantastic. Thank you
Query SQL Database October 1st, 201203:39 PM Jaykappy 0 No Comment Made
Sum field questions September 30th, 201205:13 PM Romper 0 No Comment Made
Creating a report from a form & a query September 26th, 201212:49 PM Peschtra 0 No Comment Made
Generate Purchase Order from form September 11th, 201207:43 PM 555rage 0 Helpful and patient towards me. A newbie
Need help with SELECT ALL for combobox August 24th, 201211:56 AM bigmike1212 1293 Yay! Proxy points from Rynchau for Junie!
Current and Prior Fiscal Year to Date August 22nd, 201201:47 PM Messengt 0 No Comment Made
Query Help August 22nd, 201207:39 AM CoreyO 0 Not letting me give any points but just wanted to say how helpful you were June. Thanks a lot!

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