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About Nilpo
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Robert Dunham
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New Springfield, OH


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February 7th, 2014 12:27 AM
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June 19th, 2006
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Checking In January 15th, 201312:42 PM jmurrayhead 0 I just found a rep button!!!!!
A Message from Jim Boykin, New Owner of Developer Shed July 24th, 201208:34 AM jmurrayhead 1049 Absolutely.
A Message from Jim Boykin, New Owner of Developer Shed July 20th, 201210:32 AM jmurrayhead 0 No Comment Made
Ado March 3rd, 201204:53 PM devnty06 1048 No Comment Made
Reading ProxyAddresses from Active Directory using JScript March 1st, 201206:33 PM mrj 100 Nicely done.
URGENT! Can't reset password February 23rd, 201210:44 AM jamespayne 1022 Thanks for the assist.
Suspect Accounts January 11th, 201011:46 AM Shadow Wizard 969 lol...not a laughing matter, but the comment was funny.
VBScript - Get text inside string & remove text from string November 2nd, 200911:15 PM Shadow Wizard 967 It also makes separate entry points when debugging.
Why declare variables in ASP? October 18th, 200901:36 PM Shadow Wizard 967 No Comment Made
The Milestone Posting Thread September 19th, 200908:21 PM Shadow Wizard 964 *sigh* They ask for a wall, I build them a house. Now you want me to pave them a driveway too! lol

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Thread Date Posted By Points Comment
Reading ProxyAddresses from Active Directory using JScript March 1st, 201203:46 AM micky 2670 No Comment Made
How to read the complete line for a matching string in a word doc using VBScript November 9th, 201103:07 AM raviremje 0 Thanks for the help.
Modyfing replacement script from html to doc March 11th, 201101:46 AM micky 2585 No Comment Made
Close a currently running application July 3rd, 201005:04 AM micky 2455 No Comment Made
VBS version of Server.MapPath March 30th, 201008:55 AM foreverforever 50 No Comment Made
Syntex error January 4th, 201007:31 PM q97 94 What he said...
Designing Applications December 31st, 200911:35 AM don94403 5 I fully agree.
Designing Applications December 31st, 200912:32 AM new learner 100 No Comment Made
Accessing DHTML elements from outside September 22nd, 200907:28 AM mystic7 247 Excellent use of paragraphs and font formatting
Accessing DHTML elements from outside August 31st, 200903:54 AM Shadow Wizard 2229 excellent stuff

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