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Thread: ASP example to query excel spreadsheet data

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    ASP example to query excel spreadsheet data

    I have attached some asp example pages to query an Excel spreadsheet to retieve data and display the results. first one displays the results in a table and the second page creates a dynamic combobox with a onchange event to get the details of the selected name.

    There is also a word doc to explain how to create the excel file so you query it with a SQL statement.

    All the Best.
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    Hope this advise helps.

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    im jus a newbie in ASP and i gotta do something like you jus shown.
    I read the read me and im stuck at this step:

    One this is all done, just add a page in the root of the web server to point the default page in the directory:

    can u please explain it to me?

    Thank you

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    idea is outstanding the issue is one thing that not enough persons are speaking intelligently about. I am very completely satisfied that.

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