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Thread: VB.Net/C# BBCode Function

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    VB.Net/C# BBCode Function

    I've looked all over the net for something like this for ASP.Net and couldn't find what I needed. After reviewing several pages, I was able to use individual pieces of information to build this simple regular expression to parse BBCode into HTML.

    I thought something like this would be really long and complicated, but it's not at all:

    VB.Net Code:
        Public Function BBCode(ByVal strTextToReplace As String) As String
            '//Define regex
            Dim regExp As Regex
            '//Regex for URL tag without anchor
            regExp = New Regex("\[url\]([^\]]+)\[\/url\]")
            strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<a href=""$1"">$1</a>")
            '//Regex for URL with anchor
            regExp = New Regex("\[url=([^\]]+)\]([^\]]+)\[\/url\]")
            strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<a href=""$1"">$2</a>")
            '//Image regex
            regExp = New Regex("\[img\]([^\]]+)\[\/img\]")
            strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<img src=""$1"" />")
            '//Bold text
            regExp = New Regex("\[b\](.+?)\[\/b\]")
            strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<b>$1</b>")
            '//Italic text
            regExp = New Regex("\[i\](.+?)\[\/i\]")
            strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<i>$1</i>")
            '//Underline text
            regExp = New Regex("\[u\](.+?)\[\/u\]")
            strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<u>$1</u>")
            '//Font size
            regExp = New Regex("\[size=([^\]]+)\]([^\]]+)\[\/size\]")
            strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<span style=""font-size: $1px"">$2</span>")
            '//Font color
            regExp = New Regex("\[color=([^\]]+)\]([^\]]+)\[\/color\]")
            strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<span style=""color: $1"">$2</span>")
            Return strTextToReplace
        End Function

    C# Code:
    public string BBCode(string strTextToReplace) 
        ////Define regex 
        Regex regExp; 
        ////Regex for URL tag without anchor 
        regExp = new Regex(@"\[url\]([^\]]+)\[\/url\]"); 
        strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<a href=\"$1\">$1</a>"); 
        ////Regex for URL with anchor 
        regExp = new Regex(@"\[url=([^\]]+)\]([^\]]+)\[\/url\]"); 
        strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<a href=\"$1\">$2</a>"); 
        ////Image regex 
        regExp = new Regex(@"\[img\]([^\]]+)\[\/img\]"); 
        strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<img src=\"$1\" />"); 
        ////Bold text 
        regExp = new Regex(@"\[b\](.+?)\[\/b\]"); 
        strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<b>$1</b>"); 
        ////Italic text 
        regExp = new Regex(@"\[i\](.+?)\[\/i\]"); 
        strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<i>$1</i>"); 
        ////Underline text 
        regExp = new Regex(@"\[u\](.+?)\[\/u\]"); 
        strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<u>$1</u>"); 
        ////Font size
        regExp = new Regex(@"\[size=([^\]]+)\]([^\]]+)\[\/size\]");
        strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<span style=\"font-size: $1px\">$2</span>"); 
        ////Font color
        regExp = new Regex(@"\[color=([^\]]+)\]([^\]]+)\[\/color\]");
        strTextToReplace = regExp.Replace(strTextToReplace, "<span style=\"color: $1\">$2</span>");               
        return strTextToReplace; 

    This uses block brackets to define the BBCode. For example, if you wanted to place a URL on your page, you would write it like this:

    [ url=]ASP Free Forums[/ url] (without the spaces in the brackets).

    You can easily adapt it with other BBCode if you understand Regex. I'll add more examples as I get time.

    Note: C# isn't my native language So, if you find an error in the above C# code, let me know and I'll fix it.

    Quote Originally Posted by UPDATES
    I found a bug in the function already . When using nested BBCode, it won't always work. For example, entering:

    [b ][i ]Testing[/i ][/b ]

    Will place the item in italics, but will actually write the [b ][/ b] tags.

    However, when doing this:

    [i ][b ]Testing[/b ][/i ]

    The text will be bold and italic. I will look into this when I get some time.

    Okay, everyone. I fixed the above problem. I had to change up the regular expression for the bold, italic and underline BBCode. Everything appears to be working now. I've updated the files in the attachment, as well.

    I've added more BBCodes to the above functions and have updated the attachment with these new BBCodes as well.

    elijathegold showed me a way to make the regular expression easier to read for C#. Files are now updated to represent this
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by jmurrayhead; November 15th, 2007 at 09:53 AM. Reason: added samples

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    Do you have a functioning prototype that can be tested?

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    jmurrayhead is offline Moderator
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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnoch
    Do you have a functioning prototype that can be tested?
    I just attached a quick sample to my original post. Very basic, but does the job

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    Dax Bane is offline Registered User
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    Thumbs up

    Nice code

    I notice that the code doesn't handle nested tags in the most ideal manner (for example, nesting an "I" tag inside a "U", but closing the "U" before closing the "I") - perhaps using a Generic.Stack to maintain tag nesting would solve this?

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