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Thread: In 2007, linking field of numerically coded survey responses with code definitions

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    In 2007, linking field of numerically coded survey responses with code definitions

    I am analyzing household travel survey data. There is an income question. The income field in the table contains numerically coded (1-18) reponses that represent income ranges reported by survey respondents. I have created a table that lists what numerical code represents what income range. For example, numberical code "1" represents the <$5,000 annual income range or numerical code "17" represents the $80,000-$99,000 income range. I need to link the numerically coded responses to the income range they represent and aggregate each income range to determine total and percent of households in each income range. And, finally produce a crosstab query with the income ranges in the rows and the total and percent of household in columns.

    Please advise. Thanks

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    Sounds like you know exactly what to do. What is the question? Which part are you stuck on?

    You'll find most people don't like to answer vague questions or how do I do this whole thing type of questions. Keep your questions specific with examples and you'll have no problem getting an answer.

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