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Thread: MS access mdb file could not be found error

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    Post MS access mdb file could not be found error

    I have the following issue with my clients database...

    I set up the database on the server. Front end on the client machine. Linked the front end to the server using the linked table manager. Created a desktop shortcut to the front end. at c:\database\access.mdb

    When i double click on the desktop shortcut, it opens up, after 2 minutes and says, "access file, c:\database\access.mdb(or one of its components) not found". When i click ok, the application opens and i can see it working fine. So it is gettin connected to the data on the server.

    The user has administrator rights to the local machine, but not to the server. All workstations users have the same rights.

    The front end is running in a Win 2000 pro machine with Access 2000.

    The server is SBS 2000 with all latest updates.

    The other worstations have the same setup, and seem to be working fine.
    Why am i getting this error?

    Can it be any sort of user access issues.

    Suggestions please..............

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    Is the back end linked using a mapped drive?

    What happens if you open the database on the workstation and then go to "Linked Table Manager" choose "Select All" then OK and refresh the links.?


    John A

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    m_lazor is offline Contributing User
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    Have the same pb with Access2k on my laptop. The reason is a Custom Installation of MSOffice. First Access opens with the error then it tries to find the install files...
    The normal heck with custom Office installs

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