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Thread: Report - Display Daily Stats

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    Report - Display Daily Stats

    We have a weather station setup that collects data where I work. What I'd like to do is have a simple report where people can click through a calendar/dropdown to select a date that exists in the database, and it shows information such as the amount of rain or the average wind of the day. This is what I got so far, but can't get the graph to bend to my will, nor allow me to change the date or anything really:

    What I'd like to see is something basic like this (the upside down triangle is my dropdown menu):

    There's a total of 170,000+ records since we put the station up earlier this year, here's about 100 of them in csv format.

    I realize the data isn't normalized but I can worry about that once I get something functional going. Any pointers/tips to getting this work right?

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    Would have to analyze the report and graph structure and some sample data would be helpful. If you want to provide, can upload to a fileshare site such as and post link to the file. Make copy of database, remove confidential info, run Compact & Repair, zip files.
    I like to know if my suggestion helped you. One way to let me know is by clicking star at bottom left corner of post.

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    Here's some sample data:
    This is the access database file I've been playing with:

    We just basically need some sort of form/report where we can select a date and view the highs and lows of the day selected, etc.

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