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Thread: Simple Access Question, Need Help.

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    Simple Access Question, Need Help.

    I'm designing a database for an online ebay store and I've come across a problem. I have a query that lists how much inventory I have on hand, however I don't know how to add up separate records of the same item. I have provided a picture of my query to help explain my problem, . From the image you can see that the first 2 records are the same item purchased on different dates. How do I add up those 2 items into one record for easy inventory keeping?

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    That would be an aggregate (GROUP BY) query. Query in design view, click the Totals button. Will have to remove the ID and date fields from the query and set GROUP BY under ItemName field and Sum under Quantity.

    Or build a report using Grouping & Sorting with aggregate calcs functionality. This will allow display of detail records and summary data.
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