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Thread: Update with replace query help

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    Update with replace query help


    I have a load of hyperlinks in a table that point to documents on our server.

    we have 2 domains at work so i need to ammend the prefix of the hyperlinks from...

    I have written the following update query..

    Update "Document Table"
    Set PathInformation = replace(pathinformation, "SERVER" , ""
    Where PathInformation Like "%SERVER";
    when I run the query i get the following error..

    syntax error in query. Incomplete query clause

    I can't see where I am going wrong, all the examples i can find on google show update/replace queries as i have written mine!

    If anyone can point me in the right direction I will greatly appreciate it!!

    Thanks in advance,


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    Update "Document Table"
    Set PathInformation = replace(pathinformation, "SERVER" , "")
    Where PathInformation Like "%SERVER";

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