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Thread: Database Layout Question

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    Talking Database Layout Question


    I am in need of some help laying out my database.

    I have the following tables that I need to relate to each other but I can't think of the correct way to do it

    1. Grocery Chain Headquarters - contains information on address, contact information etc. (PK - ChainID)
    2. Store Locations - contains information on each Store in the Chain, address, contact etc. (PK - StoreID)
    3. Incedent - contains information about an incedent that could effect 1 or more Stores ( power outage, tornado, equipment failure etc ).(PK - IncedentID)
    4. Items - Items within the store that have to be written off or marked down due to the incedent.(PK - UPC)

    1st Level is the Headquarters Table
    4thLevel is the Items Table

    Now the problem is the 2nd and 3rd level

    The Headquarters has many Locations just as a Location may have many Incedents

    The Headquarter also has many Incedents and those Incedents may have many Locations

    If I have the Location as the 2nd Level, then I have to have mutiple Incedent records if the Incedent effects more than one Location and in reverse

    If I have the Incedent as the 2nd Level, then I have to have mutiple Location records - 1 for each Incedent.

    I sure hope someone can fix my brain fart, because I am currentlly stuck.

    Mark Moss

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    it looks like you need one more table incident_location just incidentId and Location_ID
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    Thank you so very much for your reply, and you are absolutlly correct with adding the intersection table.

    Mark Moss

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