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Thread: If Then statement with Null Value

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    If Then statement with Null Value

    Does anyone know how to write the following statement correctly.

    If [FieldName] is Null Then [DoThis]

    In VBA it was - If IsNull(FieldName) Then [Do This]


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    What happens when you use that logic, do you get an error?

    What version of VB are you using? In VB6 your syntax is fine:
    If IsNull(rs.Fields(0)) Then
         'the field is null!!
    End If
    If you are using .Net I think the command has been replaced with IsDBNull:
    If IsDBNull(myDataSet.Tables(0).Item(0)) Then
         'the field is null!!
    End If
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    if (field name).lenght > 1 then
    this may not be 100% correct but close very close

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