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    Unhappy calendar problem

    Hey, guys.....

    I have a calendar where I want the form to refresh and requery the recordset with the new date clicked on the calendar by the users. In my T_Leave table, I have 3 fields which I think might be related in this coding: StartDate, EndDate and NOD (no. of days)......
    My ASP knowledge is very limited...I have written some code but it doesn't seem to work for me
    here is what I have tried:

      getdate = dDate
      'response.write getdate
      sql = "SELECT * FROM T_Leave "
      set rs = conntemp.execute(sql)
       do until rs.eof
    	 startdate = rs("StartDate").value
    	 NOD = rs("NOD").value
    	 newdate = startdate
    	 strdate = startdate & ", "
    	for i = 2 to NOD
    	  newdate = DateAdd("d", 1, newdate) 
    	  strdate = strdate & newdate & ", "
    	 strdate = left(strDate, Len(strDate)-2)
    	 MyArray = split(strdate, ", ")
    	 EndDate = MyArray(UBound(MyArray))
    	 StartDate = MyArray(0)
       sql = sql & "WHERE StartDate Between " & StartDate & " AND " & EndDate & ";" 
       'response.write sql
       If rs.eof then
    	   response.write "no records found"
       End If
    I know this is very messy code, and you might not know what am I trying to do.
    Could someone help me on this?
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    There are a couple of reasons why this code is not working, but I'd rather you told us why it wasn't working. Why? Because we don't fully understand what you are trying to achieve, and what results you want to get.

    Please provide more detail.

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