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I hope you can help.

Basically, I allow my users to add BBCode to a field in my database table. They are able to do this by adding their code to a <textarea> on my ASP page. An example of what they include can be seen below:

This is my title
Give it a try! Red text! Blue text [ul] [li]A simple list[/li] [li]list item 2[/li] [/ul] some more text and more text in bold`
The problem I have is that I now want to display this on my asp page but convert it to HTML. So, in this example the text is centred, bolded, different colours, in lists etc etc.

Currently, I use <%=bbcode%> tp pull in the data into my page. However, it just shows the text in its raw format. What I need is it to render in html so I donít just get text but the actually text have html elements.
Is this possible? If so, how would I achieve this in my asp page? Any help would be fully appreciated.

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Rod from the UK