This used to work, then suddenly stopped, on Godaddy hosted IIS site
The data collected from a html web form is submitted to an .asp script.
the data passed from the form is first written to a .html file and that file
is then submitted to a great utility, htmldoc.exe, which outputs a .pdf version
of the .html file. I then email the .pdf to folks who work with it.

see code following:
cmd = "" & htmlDocExe & " --webpage -f " _
    & """" & outPdf & """" _
    & " " _
    & """" & inHtm & """" _
    & " --datadir " & """" & dataDir & """"
so the runexit line returns the error '800704ec'
the godaddy folks haven't a clue with what I'm doing in terms of tech help support
I'm guessing that their admin group somehow disabled the ability to run a shell command
from within my .asp script and I'm just SOL.

just thought I 'd check if anybody has had similar problems and found ways around it.
or perhaps another way to create a .pdf from an .asp script running on a website