ok so here is my code:

// Geocode each hcard and add a marker
	jQuery('.vcard').each(function() {
		var hcard = jQuery(this);
		var streetaddress = hcard.find('.street-address').text();
		var postcode = hcard.find('.postal-code').text();
		var geocoder = new MapstractionGeocoder(function(result) {
			var marker = new Marker(result.point);
				'<div class="bubble">' + hcard.html() + '</div>'
		}, 'google');	 
		geocoder.geocode({'address': streetaddress + ', ' + postcode});
<ul class="restaurants">
<%While Not rs.EOF %>
			<%IF recCount >= cint(request.QueryString("pageno"))*21 AND recCount < (cint(request.QueryString("pageno"))*21)+21 THEN%> 
			<div id="pubbox">
    <li class="vcard">
        <h3><a href="viewpub1.asp?PubID=<%=rs("PubID")%>&pubName=<%=rs("rsPubname")%>&pubTown=<%=rs("rsTown")%>&pubCounty=<%=rs("rsCounty")%>" title="<%=rs("rsPubname")%>"><%= rs("rsPubname")%></a></h3>
        <div class="adr">
            <p class="street-address"><%=rs("rsLat")%></p>
            <p><span class="locality"><%=rs("rsTown")%></span>, <abbr class="country-name" title="United Kingdom">UK</abbr></p>
            <p class="postal-code"><%=rs("rsLong")%></p>
as you can see i am using rsLat and rsLong as street name and postcode can't i just just use it directly in there with out using street name and postcode?!

example of page is at: http://www.mypubspace.com/testmap.asp