Hi guys,

On our web site we offer Technical Support & we use ASP Classic to get some Browser Information from the client so that when they submit to the form, we already have some pre-established information on them.

We would like them to be able to contact us for a problem (which could be caused due to Javascript being disabled), rather than create a <noscript> or javascript to either re-direct or give them a message to turn it on. To us it seems counter-intuitive when trying to get to the Tech Support form.

We are using the typical browser component:
Set browserdetect = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType")

	' find some properties of the browser being used to view this page
	Browser	= browserdetect.Browser
	Version		= browserdetect.Version
	MajorVer	= browserdetect.Majorver
	MinorVer	= browserdetect.Minorver
	Platform	= browserdetect.Platform
	Frames		= browserdetect.Frames
	Tables		= browserdetect.Tables
	Cookies		= browserdetect.Cookies
	JavaScript	= browserdetect.JavaScript
Calling the below however will always return false (if javascript is on or off):

This was working in the past and has stopped.. Is it possible something became outdated?