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    Problems with Session variables

    My problem is about reading session variables. I don't know much about them, but I have one script (script A) which sets some session variables. Then another script is called from script A (script B) which is an instant payment notification script from Paypal, so I dont really have control over it. Script B sends Script C information directly, Script C also needs information from A. I guess Script B sends the info through XMLHTTP as a post. I thought I'd just create a session variable in Script A and then Script C would be able to read it, but it only reads session variables from script A if I actually visit script C. script C handles the information sent from Script B with no problem, but I dont know how to get access to the info from script A. Can anyone help me with this problem? Let me know if I have to explain it better.

    some psuedoCode:
    Script A:
    If (Form is filled out)
     Dim sendValue
     Session("theValue")= sendValue
     Response.Redirect Script B  
    End If
    Then Script B does some stuff and sends it over to script C
    problem part of Script C:
    if (information has been sent by script B)
      Dim Value
      Value = Session("theValue")
      'insert value into database
    C wont read the session variable when script B is sending the information, I have to physically go to script C for it to read the sessions value. Any help is appreciated.
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    The session variables set in the script A will be available in all other scripts within your ASP web application.
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    unless the browser has cookies disabled, in which case it won't work at all. but in this particular case he says it do work, if he go directly to the third page. that's what baffld me, and I don't have any idea what can cause this.
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    Are your two asp pages in the same virtual directory and web application? If they are in different virtual directories session data won't follow across the web application boundaries.
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