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    Shadow upload


    I used the code to upload the file it worked fine but i need to save the name of the file in a variable so i added the code like this

    Set objUpload=New ShadowUpload
    	If objUpload.GetError<>"" Then
    		Response.Write("sorry, could not upload: "&objUpload.GetError)
    		Response.Write("found "&objUpload.FileCount&" files...<br />")
    		For x=0 To objUpload.FileCount-1
    			Response.write "getfilename:-" & getfilename & "<br/>"
    			Response.Write("file name: "&objUpload.File(x).FileName&"<br />")
    			Response.Write("file type: "&objUpload.File(x).ContentType&"<br />")
    			Response.Write("file size: "&objUpload.File(x).Size&"<br />")
    			Call objUpload.File(x).SaveToDisk(Server.MapPath("Uploadfiles"), "")
    			Response.Write("file saved successfully!")
    			Response.Write("<hr />")
    	End If

    but it came as blank

    can u tell me what i am doing wrong

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    I tried this code and works great. however I have one problem. The files get overwritten when the same files are uploaded. Instead i want to throw an error stating "File already exists in the folder". How to do it?

    I tried fso.IfFileExists in the showuploader.asp but it does'nt work.

    Pl help.

    Thanks in advance

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