Heres my idea Im looking for a SEO friendly suggestion or sample code I can build from.

I have a website that is currently about 380 pages and my urls are like such:

All my pages are based on an include page that contains all Head, Body, Footer premade.

What I plan on is taking a database and list all the States and Cities I want to activate or deactivate and have a page that contains checkboxes to activate or deactivate them if need be.

If a city is activated it will populate on a sitemap page for Google to read. As Google reads the link I feel like the logic should go as such.

1. Google reads link
2. Code would see if the page exists
a. Page exists then redirect to the page end code.
b. Page doesnt exist then test if folders exist
c. If folders dont exist then create folders and page and redirect to it.

Now what is contained in the page? All it needs is a simple .asp page with no <head> etc with two lines of code in it like this


sCity = " City State"

%><!--#include virtual="/inc/Wood-Fence.asp" -->