Hey folks,
I have gotten 90% of the way there, but need some assistance tackling the final step, I am unsure how to go about doing this.

Below is a snippet of my form handler which I want to modify the database:
'grab the list of ID numbers selected by the user
Dim mode,mode_a,i
For i=LBound(mode_a) to UBound(mode_a)
Response.Write mode_a(i) + "<br>"

'grab the value of NewTag input
NewTag = Trim(Replace(Request.Form("NewTag"),"'","''"))
Response.Write NewTag

'for every record ID in array, update database field Tag with value NewTag
Im left with an array of record ID numbers, which are generated from a form with checkboxes (dynamically generated, so the exact number of checkboxes is unknown). I want to update every record the user selects, with the value NewTag, as seen in the last two lines in my snippet. The user may select 4 records, 6, maybe 50... we dont know. Lets call the field to be update "Tag".

How should I go about this? Can you run the SQL command within the loop?
Any pointers appreciated! Thanks guys!