Respected Brothers,
How are You? M fine and hope same for You.
I have some problem in my arabic asp project.
i can write arabic in my text feilds.
and can save in access database.
it is working fine on my system.
it also show arabic records that are coming from database on my system.
I have save my all files in UTF-8.

I have use access 2000 database with asp.
I have upload all files and database on internet.
this is a link,
check it.
On this link you can see the arabic records, when i want to show records it show arabic records in bad character.

Please tell me that why it show bad character.
Either server must be arabic enable or we have
to do some thing with access database.
or we have to change format for file uni or ansi or whatever.
what i have to do?
I shall be very thinkful to you.
Take care.
Zahid Pervaiz.