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    Dynamically expanding textbox like Facebook

    have you ever heard of Facebook? just a joke. Without trying to hack their code, I'm wondering if anyone can give me a start on writing a code that would expand a text area up as I type more text so that the scrollbar ideally never appears

    My thoughts on this are:

    1. instead of onkeypress, I'd run a recurring setTimeout() when onfocus to do the analysis and set the object's .rows attribute. My experience is that is the best way to approach it and works in all browsers.

    2. I'm thinking that I could constantly compare the height of the element vs. the "scroll" height i.e. total hieght of text IN the element, if the 2nd is greater, bump it up a row. HOWEVER, I'm not familiar with the DOM enough to know this attribute and especially cross-browser.

    Thank you in advance for your help and I'll be glad to post the resulting code here.

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    Hi Samuel

    I'm afraid this won't be a complete solution just some brief advice for what you are trying to achieve..
    I would definitely use CSS to achieve this effect rather than the Rows attribute as this will likely be different in each browser anyway.

    I would also think the the setTimeout method would be flawed and would take up much more memory than necessary. I would be tempted, although must admit I haven't tested it, to use the onkeypress method and transfer the users text to a hidden div element (with similar padding and size attributes to the relevant textarea). If this hidden div element was relative positioned with HEIGHT:auto you would then be able to grab the height of this div with javascript and apply it to the textarea.

    Hope this suggestion helps a little

    Daniel @ Broox.co.uk
    Affordable Web Design Solutions

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    yes this way also you can do that,
    can u share that link where you find out this "expand a text area up "
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    i do not sure this will help or not..
    but i think these function quite similiar to the facebook's comment box tat auto expand their height once user key in their words..

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function autoExpand(event){
    if(event.keyCode == "13" || event.keyCode == "8"){
    var therows=0
    var thetext = document.getElementById("txt1").value;
    var newtext = thetext.split("\n");
    var i;
    document.getElementById("txt1").rows = therows;
    return false;
    <textarea name="comments" id="txt1" onkeyup="autoExpand(event)" size = "30" wrap="off" style="overflow:hidden"></textarea>
    Please correct me if im wrong..thanks..
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