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    Exclamation General Forum Rules - Read Before Posting!

    The rules below are for you and for us - please read them before
    posting in these forums.

    1. read the FAQ before asking!
      link to FAQ
    2. Read the Official Rules thread
      link to the official rules thread
    3. Use code tags.
      • If you're posting general/mixed code, wrap the code using
        [Code] and [/Code] tags. This will make the code readable.
      • For one language code, ASP for example, use highlight code
        tags which are [hightlight="ASP"] and [/highlight] for ASP code.
        same for any other language. this will color the code and make it readable.
      • note, both options are available from the Message Editor of the forum:
        Select your code and click the icon to wrap code tags around it,
        or click the icon and write the language for language-specific tags.
    4. Saw bad post? click on the "" icon
      (top right corner) say why it's bad and submit.

      bad post can be offense, spam and even post which is not in the correct forum.
    5. Use URL tags.
      If you're posting link which you want others to see, wrap the link using
      [url] and [/url] tags. you can also click the icon for more options.
      Note: you must have at least five posts before you can put link in your post.
    6. before asking question about specific issue, Search for this
      issue in this forum, in igrep and in google.
    7. never post offensive stuff and never flame other member in public.
      if you have something to say to some other member, send
      private message. do not bring personal conflicts into the forums
      and if someone is pissing you off, simply ignore him and move on.
    8. Do not bring old threads back.
      ancient is one year and older - no sense in bringing such threads
      back. you can send private message to the member who started
      the thread, in case you wanted to ask if he solved the problem
      or you can post new thread (referring to the old thread if
      needed) if you have the same problem and want help.
    9. Give proper subject.
      when posting new thread, give the subject some thought...
      something like "help", or "hi" or "how to solve this" is not
      good and will reduce chances of getting answer.
    10. Interested in having Avatar and signature? Wait until you'll
      have 30 posts and 30 days of membership and you'll gain those benefits.

    Thanks and Happy Programming,
    ASPFree Moderators Group.
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