I use NicEdit as WYSIWYG editor as it was the only one that could be integrated without any probs into my site (I tried about 20). But in fact I don't need all the buttons but would rather need my own buttons. The editor is only a help to turn textboxes to richtext boxes.

I'm quite new to JavaScript and would now need 3 own buttons in that editor that do specific checks with the text inserted and then I would need this text to be tagged either with a color and underlined like it is done for spellcheckers and then others to have dropdowns with options to chose.

I don't want you to program these buttons and tags for me but rather give me hints or helpful links on how to do this best so that I can learn if for the future. I searched the net already but having only little knowledge of javascript I just cannot find anything that brings me forward.

thx for the help,