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    Homework Help Access Tables

    I'm working on one of my homework problems but am very stuck just getting only the correct tables. I could skip it but really want to learn how it would work. First I wrote down everything in lists in an Excel spreadsheet then started putting it in Access as I put it all in, It doesn't look like it will work, thus I'm stuck. Maybe you guys can help me out and see what I'm doing wrong. I uploaded the Excel spreadsheet with the tables/entities. URL: Tabels.xlsx

    The HW Problem:
    The DVD rental company has several branches throughout the United States.

    The data held on each branch is the branch address made up of street, city, state, and zip code, and the telephone number. Each branch is given a branch number, which is unique throughout the company.

    Each branch is allocated staff, which includes a Manager. The Manager is responsible for the day to day running of a given branch. The data held on a member of staff is his or her name, position, and salary. Each member of staff is given a staff number, which is unique throughout the company.

    Each branch has a stock of DVDs. The data held on a DVD is the catalog number, DVD number, title, category, daily rental, cost, status and the names of the main actors and the director. The catalog number uniquely identifies each DVD. However, in most cases, there are several copies of each DVD at a branch, and the individual copies are identified using the DVD number.

    A DVD is given a category such as Action, Adult, Children, Drama, Horror, or Sci-Fi. The status indicates whether a specific copy of a DVD is available for rent.

    Before borrowing a DVD from the company, a customer must first register as a member of a local branch. The data held on a member is the first and last name, address and the date that the member registered at a branch. Each member is given a member number, which is unique throughout all branches of the company.

    Once registered, a member is free to rent DVDs, up to a maximum of ten at any one time. The data held on each DVD rented is the rental number, the full name and the number of the member, the DVD number, title and the daily rental, and the dates the DVD is rented out and returned. The DVD number is unique throughout the company.
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    Why do you not think it will work? Overall it looks like you have a decent start. I do have some suggestions looking at your propsed tables. One, do not duplicate data. If you have a member's name in the tblMember, then don't repeat it in tblDVDRented. Same thing with the DVD title.
    You want to try and store the smallest possible peices of data in field. example. Instead of storing a full name in a field (tblEmployee). First name, middle initial, Last name, and Suffix might all be seperate fields. It makes sorting and minipulation of the name much easier. For example listing the full names makes alphabetical order very difficult. If you list the last names first, then printing out a name as first and last becomes very difficult. These should always be seperate fields. Same thing with Addresses (tblMember). Street, City, State, Zip, Apt# should always be seperate fields. Having one Address feild makes it very difficult to sort or filter records by area.
    Post back with the specific concerns you have as to why you don't think these tables will work.

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