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    How to Open a drawer Cache

    How to Open a drawer Cache "birch" connected to the computer via USB without printer
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    You need to look at the documentation that came with your drawer. There's usually a specific ascii string that opens the drawer. If you don' t have the orginal documentation, go to the website and see if you can download a manual. You need to be able to send that ascii string to the register, which to the best of my knowledge is not possible in access itself. (I havn't really researched this for access 2007 or 2010, so once again, if I'm wrong please correct me.) One possible way is to create a batch file, then you can run that batch file from access.
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    FIRIDLLU.dll library Usage Help:
    1. When start use this library, you must call InitFRIUSBLibrary(), and when you no long need use this library, you should call
    CloseFRIUSBLibrary(), Usually, call InitFRIUSBLibrary() when your application start and call CloseFRIUSBLibrary() when your
    Application terminated.
    2. After this library is initialize, the next thing is to check if device exist, you can call GetDeviceNumber(), which will return the device
    number now exist on your system.
    3. Support Function
    A. OpenFRIDoor()
    return value : 0 : Command OK.
    2 : Command Fail.
    B. GetFRIDoorStatus()
    return value :
    0 : Door is open now
    1 : Door is close now
    2 : command fail.
    5. Because USB is plug&play device, user may dynamic add or remove device, so you should monitor device change during application running and update and maintain your device list.
    Our library support a callback function, when device is add or remove, you callback function will called with now device number pass in.
    The callback function should be below type:
    typedef void (CALLBACK* DeviceChangePROC )(int);
    use SetCDCallbackProc( DeviceChangePROC lpProc ) to set your callback function.
    Ex :
    // Callback function
    void CALLBACK OnDeviceChange( int nDeviceNumber )
    // Do what you want to do when device changed ( because user add or remove device )
    in your main code, use below code to set callback function:
    SetCallbackProc( (DeviceChangePROC)OnDeviceChange );
    4. Files needed for you to develop your own application to use our device locate on \Library forder. whic contain below files:
    FIRIDLLU.dll : Our Dynamic link library.
    FIRIDLLU.H, FIRIDLLU.LIB, FIRIDLLU.exp : Files needed when use VC to import our library.
    We provide 1 samples for your reference:
    A VC++ sample to demo the usage of our library, this demo application is writter use Visual C++ 6.0.
    Locate on \VCSample
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