Iím trying to create a bibliographic database with MS Access 2013.

I have created a search query form that uses three list boxes with multiple (extended) select. Basically, users should be able to search for articles by year (1991-2013), country, and keyword (i.e. politics, economy). Without multiple select, the search query worked fine, i.e. just clicking one option from each listbox. But now if I click for example 1991 + 1992 and two countries, it returns no records.

I guess this is an issue of entering the correct criteria in the query design.

For example, this is what I have been using for the criteria for the year field, but it doesnít work:
[Forms]![Search Form 0902]![Year].[MultiSelect]

Iím new to Access 2013 and canít find the answer to this question.

Would really appreciate any help!