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    Search function + Merge w/ Outlook


    I am trying to create a database which will store "Call logs" for a clinical trial. This will include name, phone number, date subject called, return attempt #1, return attempt #2, return attempt #3, and result. I was able to create this table and a form in Access 2007.

    I am very new to database creation, and I am looking for some assistance with the following items:

    1. I need to create a search function by phone number, so that the technician can look up if the person had already called in and to avoid entering the same person multiple times. I can successfully develop queries for the phone number category, but what I would like to do is search for a phone number and if it is already entered, the form with the information would pop up automatically. If it was not entered, it would just go to a new form for entry.

    2. I would like this to sync with an Outlook calendar. For example, if a subject needs to be called in 1 month, this data entry could appear on the specified date and time in an outlook calendar.

    I have made many attempts on both of these. The first item is really the only one that is completely necessary, but the other would make things much more convenient.

    Any help on any of these issues would be great. Thank you for your time.

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    For item nr 1, you might consider looking at the video below as an option

    Macromedia Flash (SWF) Movie Created by Camtasia Studio 2

    Just use the phone field as your search criteria.
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    Doubt Item 2 will be easy. You want the appointment saved to a calendar that is available for all staff to view? Not sure how easy it is to share Outlook calendar nor how easy/hard it is to manage a shared calendar through Access.

    Is this a multi-user split database? Each user runs their own copy of frontend?

    Review http://www.officecalendar.com/produc...dar_share.aspx
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    If you are trying to manage a shared calander for all employees, outlook has no built in ability to do this. You have two basic options. 1. Use an exchange server if you already have one in place. 2. Get third party software. We use CodeTwo and it works fairly well. You'd only have to get access to update one calander then all of the others would show the changes as well. Do a search on google for "Access update outlook calander" should give you a bunch of hits with specific code on how to add or delete items on an outlook calander. (Don't bother trying to modify items on a calander, it's not an easy feat.)

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