Originally posted by : Prateesh (prateesh29@indiatimes.com)hi!I have taken a static ip address from my internet service provider, so that I can host my multiple websites (multiple domain name) with that IP address (as secondary DNS address & Primary of my service provider) on my own server loaded with windows 2k server with iis5.0, sql server7.0 e.t.c.Now my problem is that I have to map my different projects (in wwwroot folder) with different domain name And also then they r to be host with my static IP address so that with the help of same IP Address my different websites(projects) can be viewing on internet having different website addresses. If anybody Know how to configure our win2kserver & iis server for the same, Pl. give me the details on my email address: prateesh29@indiatimes.com or prateesh29@yahoo.comOR u can give the details of resources from where I can solve my problem in the same forum.thanx