Hi All,

I'm trying to follow some ancient instructions carved in stone thousands of years ago... (actually the year 2004) - I'm sorry if I'm being a bit of a newb here, I'm a Linux guy and I've been tasked with this...

According to the instructions I want to do these two things while setting up:

Using DCOMCnfg under "default security" tab:
- clicked "edit default" under "default access permissions" and added Cluster6\ClusterAdmin, Cluster6\IUSR_ANON, ClusterAPP2\Administrators to be allowed access.
- clicked "edit default" under "default launch permissions" added Cluster6\ClusterAdmin, Cluster6\IUSR_ANON to be allowed launch.
I originally noticed dcomcfg doesn't exist in Windows Server 2003 but I soon found Component Manager, however I'm not sure how to set default security like the instructions advise. I also noticed the instructions are telling me about Cluster6 when it's now Cluster7, fair enough I will just bump up the number.

Once I get past this, I know it's going to try to reach an incorrect SQL address (Cluster6 rather than Cluster7) and I can't find anything that would tell me where to change that. It's not defined in the code itself as that's on a filing server, so I'm thinking it must be in the DCOM stuff somewhere... any ideas or pointers for this?

Thank You,