I have website currently running on IIS6 windows 2003 server 32bits.

I'm using Classic ASP and COMs.

We are going to buy a new server with IIS7 (windows 2008 R2, 64 bits).

Meanwhile, I have another server which has IIS 7 windows 2008 R2, 64 bits and I can install those (32bits) dlls on that server without changes I need to be done.
The difference is we bought that server from a company and we didn't have to make the system installation or anything. It was configured to be ready for us.
But now, for the new server that we are going to buy, we have to do all those things by ourself.

What I want to know is, to be able to run/reinstall the existing dlls for COM objects, what I need to be done on IIS7 ?
Is there any special plug in or addon need to install on that new server??

Thanks in advance.