Hi there, have been given a website to take over and all up and running fine. It is build using ASP.net and the MS SQL database is all set up.

They have a CMS section for the website and you get to a login screen but the user can't remember their password. I looked at the Tables using MS SQL Server Management Studio but they are not where I thought they would be.

There is a table called 'dbo.aspnet_Users' which when I view shows me the UserName and LoweredUserName but no reference to password so I presume it is linked to another Table?

Found one called Membership which has Password and PasswordSalt (whatever that is?) but then no reference to the UserName although both have UserID which I presume links the two together.

Problem is that the passwords are all encrypted in there so can't tell the current one. Changed them to easy to remember password but still not able to login to the CMS facility.

The login form doesn't have any functionality to request new / forgot password so stumped at this point.

Any tips most welcome?