Hi ,

I 'm quite new to Word Macros & the foll code fires a word doc using the normal.dot template.

*** C# Code ***

private Word.ApplicationClass WordApp = new Word.ApplicationClass();

Application app = new Application();

object template=Missing.Value; //No template
object newTemplate=Missing.Value; //Not creating a template
object documentType=Missing.Value; //Plain old text document
object visible=true; //Show the doc while we work

_Document doc = app.Documents.Add( ref template,
ref newTemplate,
ref documentType,
ref visible);
*** C# Code ***

My requirement is to fire a word document in a new user-defined template(x.dot, which is ready).
I need to fire a new word doc using x.dot & call a word macro with a parameter.

Can some one help me with C# code for this ?

thanks for your time.