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    Warning To All --- READ THIS FIRST

    This is a warning to all who hire or get hired from these forums.

    To those who hire developers/companies from here:

    1) Don't be fooled by buzzwords, just because someone touts they know a particular technology doesn't mean they actually do.

    2) Verify the experience of those you are interested in hiring, view resumes and portfolios, ask to talk to previous clients or other references, etc...

    3) Be clear in your expectations of a given project. This includes your requirements, expected time frame for completion, how you will communicate (email, phone, IM, etc...), if you have hired a company, who is the primary contact on the project?

    4) Set milestones for the project, this will help you determine if the developer/company is performing the work as requested to meet your deadline.

    5) Agree on compensation, payment method and payment milestones. Are there any adverse effects if the project is delayed or won't meet the required deadline. Should you implement a penalty for a project that doesn't meet the required time frame? If so, what should that penalty be?

    6) Have a contingency plan if the developer/company "disappears". What will you do if you can no longer contact the company/individual and the project is due in 2 weeks?

    7) Manage the project as if the developer/company were in-house. This is your project. They work for you, so take charge.


    To those who are hired from here:

    1) Clearly understand the requirements of the project. Assumptions made in the absence of design requirements will cost you more in the end, then if you had asked more questions in the beginning.

    2) Agree on your communication protocol (email, phone, etc...) Who is/are the primary stakeholder(s) in the project? Who should be contacted if questions or concerns arise?

    3) Agree on compensation, payment method and payment milestones (when and how are you paid). Will there be adverse effects if the project is delayed or doesn't meet the proposed deadline?

    4) Provide a resume, references, portfolios, testimonials, etc... to back up your experience.

    5) Be professional. Deliver a quality product, within the time frame expected, in a professional manner. Doing this will ensure a return customer, as well as the possibility of this customer promoting your services, by word of mouth.

    6) If problems arise during any phase of the project let the customer know as soon as possible, so both of you can discuss it openly and come to a mutual decision on how to go forward.

    7) Don't lie about your abilities or experience just to get business. If you do, this first customer will probably be your last.

    Final Note: If the project you are entering into is of significant monetary value, I would suggest having a contract drawn up by one or both parties. Ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed and understand the contract details prior to signing.
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    Great job. Thanks for the tips!
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    Thanks a lot Moderator.

    I am new here and found a good list of precautions.

    I suggest all of you here should go through these points to make better hiring platform for us.

    Again Thanks ..Found a wonderful forum by Google search..!!
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    Hi all -

    not sure which forum is the best to ask this question but we are in search of a programmer who knows about motion detection software (or other similar software) for a project. We are ready to start now. The initial project requirements are pretty basic. The project could certainly grow with input from the end users. This could easily become a longer term paid project. At a minimum we really need to consult with someone experienced in this field to ask some very basic questions. Any help from the list as to where to turn would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again!

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