I'm looking for some code that will allow me to edit a word/words from within a given line/lines of a scripted .text file that is in the format shown below. I stress that the script file is in .text format NOT .txt.


txt_cm_camp_stu_1() { Text to be edited; }

txt_mc_sbmis_1() { More text to be edited!; }

txt_hist_sb_1() { Even more text to be edited.; }



All of the text in bold would potentially need to be edited at some time but not necessarily always at the same time. Also i need to be able to insert a new line in the type of style/format shown but inside the main upper and lower parentheses (otherwise the parent program won't read the script.)

I'd like to use a Windows Form with text box/boxes to enter the required new text into and a corresponding button/s to save the changes to the line in the script file.

In the case of the new line requirement a button that would generate a new line in the text file (inside the main parentheses) beginning with the "txt_cm_camp_" prefix but appended with the content of a text box on the form i.e. ending up as txt_cm_camp_stu_2 for instance? A second text box on the form would add the second block of text to within the parentheses on the line i.e Text to be edited. Resulting in:

txt_cm_camp_stu_2() { New text from the 2nd text box; }

Can anyone help with this? I am a VB beginner and am doing this as a learning project. Hope i have explained it well enough? :-)

Very many thanks.