I am a novice vba dev, if at all, but I have this requirement to come up with a solution for Outlook.

I know you can use VBA code, and anything I've found on Google, can't get to work, or isn't quite right.

So, basically, we want to be able to have a simple pop-up warning when user clicks on REPLYALL. This event (which I know there is but my lack of skill here isn't helping), should

1. trigger a "Are you sure you want to reply to all?" Y/N

2. ideally, create selection checkboxes for all the users in the reply all, so the user can check and uncheck the recipients.

I know by clicking ALT-F11, brings up the MS VBA interface. THis is outlook 2010.

We would either create this code ourselves as a macro or add-in.

Can you please provide code, and steps on how to deploy it and where?

Many thanks!!