I'm new to develope databases in Access. I would be grateful if somebody could help me out with a little problem I have. I am using Access 2010 64bit and Outlook 2010.

The data I want to get in my database (only for use in my computer, no internet etc) has this format in the mail I recive in Outlook:

Blank row
X Y 06/11, Z nr
X Y 06/11, Z nr
Blank row
regards etc

It differes how many rows of data I get in each mail.
X=1,2 or 3 words
Y=1 word
06/11 date (I want to transform it to swedish date format yyyy-mm-dd)
Z=1 word (always same word)
nr=1 number

I want to get:
X to table one field A
Y to table two field A
yyyy-mm-dd to table two field B
Automatically calculate day of week to table two field C
Z do nothing
nr to table three field A
somehow register that the mail has been stored in the database to avoid duplicates.