I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I was having. I have this code in C# that keeps giving me error messages and I cant figure out what is wrong with it.

public static void personalDetails()
string [,] books =
{"The Time Machine, Science Fiction, By H.G.Wells",3};
{"Ender's Game, Science Fiction, By Orson Scott Card",1};
{"Brave New World, Science Fiction, By Aldous Huxley",3};
{"Frankenstein, Horror, By Stephen King",1};
{"Misery, Horror, By Stephen King",2};
{"The Dark Half, Horror, By Stephen King",2};
{"Firestarter, Horror, By Stephen King",3};
{"Torment, Mystery, By Lauren Kate",3};
{"Before I fall, Mystery, By Lauren Oliver",3};
{"Entwined, Mystery, By Heather Dixon",2};
{"The Thirteenth Chime, Mystery, By Heather Dixon",1};
{"My Sister's Keeper, Mystery, By Jodi Picoult",3};
{"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(Harry Potter,#7), Mystery,By J.K.Rowling",2};
{"The Da Vinci Code, Mystery, By Dan Brown",2};

int book
const MAX_BOOK = 5;

if(book >=5)
Console.WriteLine("You are at your limit!")