Hello, I am having some problems with a Javascript menu, the code for which I received from this google search (I am new so I can't post links) - Google: "AnyLink JS Drop Down Menu v2.3" - It's the first result.

I customized the menu and everything works seamlessly except I noticed a white space at the bottom of every web page, about 250 px. I know for sure that it is caused from the Javascript menu because I loaded the site without CSS formatting and the Menu's links were in an unordered list at the end of the site. Strangely, after the site was open for a moment, the links disappeared but the space remained. I am wondering if anyone might want to have a look at the "anylinkmenu.js" file (I believe this is where the problem is occurring, I am not very good with Javascript code!) and tell me if I should change anything in the code?

I have tried looking up this problem but no sites had answers, I did find the suggestion of using overflow:hidden but I need my scroll bars.

Thanks for all your help! If you find this post hard to understand please ask me to clarify! This is my first time posting in a HTML forum